Saturday, May 13, 2017

Resources for Teaching Children about Christ- media

There are many resources available on to help parents, teachers, grandparents and anyone else who loves children and wants to teach them about Jesus Christ. I wish these resources had been available when our children were young.

Go to the blue main menu on (across the top of the page)
Click on Families and Individuals
Click on Children

On this page you will find links to:
Scripture Stories

Here you will find videos of scripture stories. The language is simple and easy to understand It was written for an 8 year old's reading level.

There are Audio programs where a host and a group of children discuss the scriptures and Gospel principles.

Coloring pages are now available. At present you can print out pages to go along with your Book of Mormon and Pearl of Great Price study. There are activities to do, questions to think about, and scriptures to read. The Pearl of Great Price coloring pages include activities to help understand and learn the Articles of Faith.

There are several groups of videos available.
Children's Bible Videos - children explain basic Gospel principles
Meet the Apostles Videos- children  tell about the lives of current Apostles
Sing Along Videos - children can view pictures illustrating the song, read the words on the screen, and sing along with adults or other children
One In a Million Videos - Children around the world share their experiences of living the teachings of Jesus Christ
Other Videos - a variety of stories showing children living the teachings of Christ and videos geared to helping children live Christ's commandments
Bible Videos - link to the adult videos about the life of the Savior taken from the New Testament
(I love these videos. They have helped me feel closer to my Savior.)
ASL Primary Songs Videos- children sing Primary songs and a child also sings the song in American Sign Language for the deaf
Prophet Videos - Historic pictures and accounts about modern day Prophets
For Little Friends Videos- stories for pre-school children about living the teachings of Jesus
A Year on Temple Square - children take us on a tour of different places on and around Temple Square in Salt Lake City
Matt and Mandy Videos- stories about living the Gospel geared to school age children - such topics as appreciating family and nature and serving others

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