Saturday, September 17, 2016

Why Isn't It on the Main Page?

I've heard many people complain that "hides" materials. They want what they are looking for on the main page, or at least a direct link to it on the main page. What they don't realize is that there are over 10.4 MILLION pages on the website (by a recent Google count). Actually, began partly by pulling together information from the Church's department's individual web pages. Here is a list of some of the separate sites which make up

Ok, some concede that everything couldn't possibly fit on the main page of, but they claim, "The site isn't intuitive!"  By that they mean that somehow what they are looking for immediately appears before them. Personally, I call that wishing for magic. I am an exceptionally intuitive person and believe me, it isn't magic - it's hard work!

One of the main tools I use to help me find things on is the Menu Bar. The Menu Bar is a blue strip near the top of the page. It has several words on it (more will be added in the future):

Scriptures and Study     Families and Individuals      Share the Gospel     Inspiration and News      Serve and Teach

These are main menus and each has sub-menus within them. Think relationships. For instance, if I'm looking for the Book of Mormon which main menu looks like it might be the one to have it?  "Scriptures and Study" is the main menu you want.  Click on it.  That main menu is divided into four sub menus; "Scriptures", "Prophetic Teachings", "Learn More", and "Helpful Resources". "Scriptures" is obvious. Under scriptures you see the "Book of Mormon".  Just click on it, and you are there.

Here is a harder one to find.  Remember to think about your goal, then choose the most likely main menu that might contain it. Next, choose the most promising sub-menu, and then perhaps the next menu.  Just keep working your way from the main menu (the large grouping of that topic), down getting more and more specific, until you finally find what you are looking for.

Try finding Employment help. I start by looking at the main menu titles and eliminating menus that don't seem promising, until I have one or two menus to click on and see what sub-menus they have.  I doubt that "Scriptures and Study", "Serve and Teach", or "Share the Gospel" would have anything about Employment. What about "Inspiration and News"?  Maybe.  No.  It just has news articles. That leaves "Families and Individuals". I click on that main menu and find under the sub-menu "Life's Challenges", "Employment and Welfare".  I click on the "Employment and Welfare" sub-menu and it takes me to a page that has a picture of Employment. I click on the blue link under the Employment picture. It takes me to the page, "LDS Employment Resources" where there are links to a lot of information to help me set up a job profile and do the things to help me find employment.

Were these employment resources right before my eyes when I sat down to my computer?  Of course not!  I had to work my way through the layers until I came to them, just like I do with books. I find the book on my topic, then the chapter, then the page, then the sentence.  Few things "just happen" in life and neither to they just appear on, but the resources are well worth seeking out. Give it a try!

Here is a good explanation of the organization of

For those who would like to know the history of the website, here is a good history. The history is from the techs who helped to design

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