Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Why has LDS.org Become an Important Part of My Life?

A week and a half ago, I tripped on my cement driveway and fell on my face. My husband found me and after cleaning me up and getting me settled with an ice pack, he had to return to his work. As I sat there alone trying to deal with the trauma and pain of my fall, my first thought was to pull out my cell phone. No, not to talk which would have been impossible anyway with the rate my lips were swelling, but to open my Gospel Library, the Mobile version of LDS.org. Six years ago I had only heard about LDS.org, but I'd never even seen it. Now it was what I turned to when I was struggling. What caused this change?

When I first saw the site, I was fascinated and began going there each day. It was like an adventure where I discovered something new each day. Over the years, I saw more and more options and material made available. My poor health made me home bound, but LDS.org gave me wings. An example is that I could not go out to the Family History Library to research my ancestors, but I didn't need to. The library came to me! (see familylsearch.org)

Here are some of the ways LDS.org is helping make my life richer:

Yes, LDS.org is helping me live a more fulfilling life. I wouldn't want to live without it!

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