Sunday, September 18, 2016

Where is my Ward Directory and the Online Store?

"I looked through all the menus and sub-menus on the blue menu bar at the top of the page and I couldn't find my Ward Directory. Where is it?"

The place to look for your Ward Directory is in the My Account and Ward menu at the top right of most pages. Here you will find links to your ward and your account information, plus you can find links to:

  • The Meetinghouse Locator - helps you find chapels and other Church facilities anywhere in the world and Bishop's contact information
  • Locations and Schedules - information about Church facilities around the world including pageants
  • Mobile Applications - information about the Church's mobile apps
  • Recreational Camps - information about the recreational camps owned or managed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints
  • Help Center - where you can information on how to use different resources on
  • Online Store - a place where you can order church materials
When members sign into your Account you will see under the "My Account" menu:

  • My Account - you can change your account settings
  • My Temple - takes to directly to information about your closest LDS Temple
  • My Family Tree - takes you right to your Family Tree on
  • Notes - takes you to the notes and highlights you have made on
  • Patriarchal Blessing - this link takes you to the place where you can see your Patriarchal Blessing or order it to be send to

Your local Ward and Stake information is available to you after you sign into your member Account. You will find it under the "My Ward" menu. 

  • Directory - you can view your Ward and Stake membership and leadership information, plus a list of the missionaries that are serving in your ward and those serving from your ward
  • Calendar - you can see the events that are scheduled in your ward and stake
  • Donations - here you can make donations to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints such as tithing and fast offerings online (at this time only available within the United States)
  • Ward Map - a map of the streets in your ward area and where each person lives
  • Lesson Schedules - what lessons will be taught in Sunday School, Relief Society, and Priesthood, Youth (if nothing is there, contact your ward leaders and ask that lessons titles and dates be posted)
  • Newsletter - your ward newsletters will be archived here (if nothing is there, contact your ward newsletter person and ask that the newsletters be posted)

So take a little time to explore the My Account and Ward Menu. You'll find some great links there to help make your life easier.

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