Sunday, September 18, 2016

Where Can I Find Help?

Ever feel frustrated when you just can't find something on  There is help!  Actually, there is a Help Center.  Click on "My Account and Ward" at the top of most pages. Under the "Tools and Support" sub-menu, you will find "Help Center".  There you will have access to a library of articles which can help you use  A link to the Help Center is also located at the bottom of most pages.

These are some of the articles listed in the Help Center.

  • Navigation - new updates in the organization of the site and a basic explanation of how is organized
  • Getting Started - members can sign into and find information to help them fulfill their calling
  • LDS Applications -  how to use the Tools on - Leader and Clerk Resources (must be authorized and sign in), Online Donations, Directory,  Calendar, Maps, Notes on, Navigation (another link), Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders (CDOL is only available to authorized signed in leaders), Local Unit Financial Auditing System (LUFAS is only available to authorized signed in leaders, mainly financial clerks), Lesson Schedules, Newsletter
  • Learn More About LDS Mobile Apps - gives you apps help for these apps: the Bible Videos, Book of Mormon, Facility Issue Reporting (FIR), Gospel Library, LDS Music, LDS Tools, Mormon Channel, Scripture Mastery
  • Leader and Clerk Resources - (LCR) has release notes about using this leadership record system
  • Update Your Photo in Your Ward Directory - How to set privacy settings and make changes in your Ward Directory information
  • Learn More About Notes on - Videos and step by step instructions on how to use this feature
  • Broadcast Schedules - Schedules, Accessibility, and Support for Church Broadcasts
  • LDS Account Help - Answers to the top ten questions and problems
  • Get Specific Help With Your Calling - links to the Callings page where you can find information and support for your calling
  • Downloading Videos - Step by step instructions and options for downloading and showing videos in a Church building
  • Family History Help - links you to the Help Center on where you can live chat or call for assistance with your family history

What I really like about the Help Center is that it pulls together the helps which are attached to different sites on into one central place. I like being able to quickly find my own answer.

I also find the site map helpful in finding things on It is located on the left side of the page in the Help Center and at the bottom of most pages.

If you are unable to find the help you need in the Help Center, you can send in a Feedback. Click on the link at the bottom of most pages and fill out the form. A team of volunteer Church Service Missionaries, The Response Team, will email back to you an answer to your email as soon as possible.  Phone and Online Chat assistance are not presently available. has a few techs available to assist leaders with the LCR program and with LDS Accounts, but most of the support on is given by the Response Team, who though they are not techs, will try their best to assist you.

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