Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How can I Search for something on LDS.org?

When I am looking for something specific, I like to use the Search function. It is the small white box in the upper right of most pages. It says on it, "Search Church Sites".  Type in what you are looking for, then click on the magnifying glass symbol beside it. Results will appear with the most relevant near the top.

A good place to help you find things on LDS.org is the Site map https://www.lds.org/help/sitemap?lang=eng at the bottom of each page.

Here is a a very helpful page on LDS.org Using Search on LDS.org.  On this page are videos on how to use the Search function. These are the videos that are available.

Search: Overview of New Search
Search: Basics
Search: Refinements
Search: Images and Videos

In addition, some places on LDS.org have their own search function
Magazines has a Search Magazines option that will search the Church Magazines.

Each of the Scripture pages has a Search Scriptures option which will search scriptures for your topic.

The General Conference page has an index where you can choose a specific conference, or speaker, or topic.

The Church History site has an Explore menu option which allows you to choose from several different historical collections.

The Music page allows you to search the Music Library.

On the Youth site you can "Find Content by Type" such as Youth Videos.

The Children's page has a search which will search all materials. (seems the same as the regular search to me)

Mormon.org has it's own search function.

The Newsroom has it's own search.

The Media Library has a "Search Media" option.

The Sunday School page has it's own search.

On the Institute page your can search for a specific Institute.

How the Church is Helping page has its own search.

I often use several of the search options to help me find what I am looking for. I have been amazed at all the materials the Church has made available to help us individually, with our families, and with our callings. Happy Searching!

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