Thursday, September 22, 2016

Where can I find General Conference resources?

General Conference will be here soon, so I thought I'd share a few of the resources I've  found on see Features and Benefits of Redesign

Finding General Conference Talks
I really like the changes in how to find Conference talks. Go the the Scriptures and Study menu then to General Conference. There you will see the last General Conference Talks listed by session with a picture of the speaker and direct links to that talk. In the gray menu at the top of the page are three options: 
  • Conferences - click on the drop down menu and you will find links to the latest General Conferences; click on the All Conferences option and you will be able to read and watch most Conferences back to 1971. There is even a search option just type the conference you want in the gray Find by conference box. 
  • Speakers -  click on the drop down menu and you will find links to all the General Conference talks given by a General Authorities back to 1971; click on All speakers to see the entire list of speakers ; It also has a search option in All Speakers gray box.
  • Topics - You can find General Conference talk on certain topics. Click on All Topics to find the compete list of topics. It also has a search option in the Find a Topic gray box. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I get lots of error messages -- fix it!

Some people do get lots of error messages, but other people don't at all. Why? Obviously, it can't be the site if the same page at the same time works for one person and doesn't for another person. It is true that occasionally does have broken links. The techs really appreciate it when people report these broken links through the Feedback option (found at the bottom of each page on, so they can fix these links. These broken links usually happen when they are making changes to the site. Generally, it takes a couple of days to straighten things out after a big site change. But this is a pretty infrequent occurrence, and everyone receives the broken links message, not just a few people. So what is happening?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How can I Search for something on

When I am looking for something specific, I like to use the Search function. It is the small white box in the upper right of most pages. It says on it, "Search Church Sites".  Type in what you are looking for, then click on the magnifying glass symbol beside it. Results will appear with the most relevant near the top.

A good place to help you find things on is the Site map at the bottom of each page.

Here is a a very helpful page on Using Search on  On this page are videos on how to use the Search function. These are the videos that are available.

Search: Overview of New Search
Search: Basics
Search: Refinements
Search: Images and Videos

Monday, September 19, 2016

Where can I find information on a specific topic?

When I am looking up a specific topic on, one of the first places I go is to the Scriptures and Study main menu. Under the Scriptures sub-menu is Study Helps. There I can find scriptures on a certain subject in the Topical Guide, and in the Guide to the Scriptures. The Bible Dictionary is also a part of the Study Helps and has definitions, historical background, short biographies, and other information to help us understand the scriptures.

One of my favorite places on is Gospel Topics. It is in the Scriptures and Study menu under the Learn More sub-menu.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Where Can I Find Help?

Ever feel frustrated when you just can't find something on  There is help!  Actually, there is a Help Center.  Click on "My Account and Ward" at the top of most pages. Under the "Tools and Support" sub-menu, you will find "Help Center".  There you will have access to a library of articles which can help you use  A link to the Help Center is also located at the bottom of most pages.

These are some of the articles listed in the Help Center.

  • Navigation - new updates in the organization of the site and a basic explanation of how is organized
  • Getting Started - members can sign into and find information to help them fulfill their calling
  • LDS Applications -  how to use the Tools on - Leader and Clerk Resources (must be authorized and sign in), Online Donations, Directory,  Calendar, Maps, Notes on, Navigation (another link), Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders (CDOL is only available to authorized signed in leaders), Local Unit Financial Auditing System (LUFAS is only available to authorized signed in leaders, mainly financial clerks), Lesson Schedules, Newsletter

Where is my Ward Directory and the Online Store?

"I looked through all the menus and sub-menus on the blue menu bar at the top of the page and I couldn't find my Ward Directory. Where is it?"

The place to look for your Ward Directory is in the My Account and Ward menu at the top right of most pages. Here you will find links to your ward and your account information, plus you can find links to:

  • The Meetinghouse Locator - helps you find chapels and other Church facilities anywhere in the world and Bishop's contact information
  • Locations and Schedules - information about Church facilities around the world including pageants
  • Mobile Applications - information about the Church's mobile apps
  • Recreational Camps - information about the recreational camps owned or managed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints
  • Help Center - where you can information on how to use different resources on
  • Online Store - a place where you can order church materials

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Why Isn't It on the Main Page?

I've heard many people complain that "hides" materials. They want what they are looking for on the main page, or at least a direct link to it on the main page. What they don't realize is that there are over 10.4 MILLION pages on the website (by a recent Google count). Actually, began partly by pulling together information from the Church's department's individual web pages. Here is a list of some of the separate sites which make up

Ok, some concede that everything couldn't possibly fit on the main page of, but they claim, "The site isn't intuitive!"  By that they mean that somehow what they are looking for immediately appears before them. Personally, I call that wishing for magic. I am an exceptionally intuitive person and believe me, it isn't magic - it's hard work!

One of the main tools I use to help me find things on is the Menu Bar. The Menu Bar is a blue strip near the top of the page. It has several words on it (more will be added in the future):

Scriptures and Study     Families and Individuals      Share the Gospel     Inspiration and News      Serve and Teach

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Why has Become an Important Part of My Life?

A week and a half ago, I tripped on my cement driveway and fell on my face. My husband found me and after cleaning me up and getting me settled with an ice pack, he had to return to his work. As I sat there alone trying to deal with the trauma and pain of my fall, my first thought was to pull out my cell phone. No, not to talk which would have been impossible anyway with the rate my lips were swelling, but to open my Gospel Library, the Mobile version of Six years ago I had only heard about, but I'd never even seen it. Now it was what I turned to when I was struggling. What caused this change?

When I first saw the site, I was fascinated and began going there each day. It was like an adventure where I discovered something new each day. Over the years, I saw more and more options and material made available. My poor health made me home bound, but gave me wings. An example is that I could not go out to the Family History Library to research my ancestors, but I didn't need to. The library came to me! (see

Here are some of the ways is helping make my life richer: